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VACtt Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd

We are specialized supplier of quality products of  EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) system, security tags and EAS accessories, all equipments used in retail loss prevention area.

At VACTT, our commitment is to ensure products' quality and to serve our customers in the best possible manner.

As the world went global, so did we. In 2008 we brought on our first international customer. Since then, our customer base has spanned nearly 20 countries, with an extensive range of products that cater to varies needs. We will continue to focus on quality products and service to expand our business.

We believe in "Ideal suppliers save your time, shorten your cost and increase your wealth & joy."
If you are in the same industry and looking for a good supplier, just feel free to contact. Let's see how we can change the world better.

EAS Retail Anti-theft

VACtt doesn't aim to be the largest enterprise on the market. We are proud we've been doing ours with the best manner.
We manage a stable production system.
Product quality is always our first priority.
We only offer fair/reasonable price.
Fast response to customers during order proceeding. 
We provide the best after sales service.

Better every day.
We are constantly trying to do everything a little better, a little simpler, more efficiently and always cost-effectively.



EAS RF (Radio Frequency) system

EAS RF 8.2Mhz System Antenna

EAS RF Hard tag

Retail Security Soft label RF 8.2MHz

Security Tag Remover

EAS RF Label Deactivator

Retail Anti-shoplifting System Accessories

EAS AM (Acousto Magnetic) Anti Theft System

Anti-Theft EAS AM Detector
EAS AM 58Khz Anti Theft Tag for Clothing Store
EAS AM 58Khz Soft Label
EAS AM System Deactivator

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